Volunteers & Staff

2023 Camp will take place July 25th to 29th in Falls City, OR.

Staff arrive July 24th.

There are a few different volunteer opportunities at Camp Odakoda:

1) Cabin Counselor:  This role requires the volunteer to come to camp for 5 nights.  The counselors arrive the evening before the campers to begin their camp training.  The campers spend 4 nights and 5 days at camp.  Cabin counselors are with the campers for the majority of the time they are at camp.  There are break blocks built into the schedule for all counselors.

2) Day volunteer:  Come help us for the day!  We need help from 9:00-5:00 on July 26th, 27th, or 28th.  We will do a training when you arrive.  You will join the counselors and staff to participate in activities with the campers.  We will serve you lunch and then you will join our staff to hang out in the cabins while the campers have their “rest” or quiet activity time.  This is the time our counselors go on their breaks.

3) Special Skills:  If you have a special skill or performance, we could always use your help!  At camp we are always open to new and innovative programs.  We have had guests such as The House of Reptiles, Evergreen Aviation rocket building, and more.   Also, if you have a program or skill that you would like to share with our program, our activities director is always looking for ideas of things she can incorporate into our program.  If you have specific activity questions, Misti Moxley is the camp director and you can email her at misti@asdoreogn.org

4) Special Guests:  We are in need of guests to come to camp and teach a class or present materials.  We often have The Reptile Man, or other performance type activities.  We have a stipend available for these types of programs.  If you are a performer, or presenter, contact misti@asdoregon.org

How to Volunteer

If you are interested in being a counselor at Camp Odakoda, please fill out the online application.

Cindy Hurlbert oversees the counselor program and application process, and will be in touch once your information is complete.  If you have questions, please email her at cindy@yogavisual.com.  Thank you for considering being a counselor or volunteer at Camp Odakoda!