Prepare for Camp

We prepare everyone for camp to provide the most predictability for all stakeholders (parents, counselors, campers, volunteers).

We provide as much information up front as possible so that everyone understands the schedules, the menus, the activities, etc.  This way, if accommodations need to be made, we can work with you to ensure that camp goes as smoothly as possible!


The following is the parent video for the August 2015 Session.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns! Sorry the sound is not very loud. We had some technical difficulties. Please email in you have questions or concerns. The information shared on the video has also been emailed to each family. We have found that the more you prepare your camper, the easier the transition to camp. Thanks for watching!


August 2015 Session – Parent meeting part 1
August 2015 Session – Parent meeting part 2