2017 Camper Application

*** Applications for 2018 are now open!***

Thank you for your patience, the camper applications are now open!
We are using a new company and there are some kinks to work out this first year.  One thing they require is that they offer a “Protection Plan” it is like an insurance policy to get your tuition and travel expenses back if you don’t end up coming to camp.  Please ignore this option.  We know our campers can have changes and things happen.  Our policy is to give full refunds up to the week of camp, and often even when camp has started depending on the circumstances.
I am excited to be using this new system and hope it is a better process for you as well!

Click the following link to apply.

If you have any trouble with the application, contact the Camp Doc (application company) support team help@campdoc.com or 734-636-1000 and their support team can walk them through the registration.

2018 Camp Odakoda Camper Application!


Camp dates are 8/13-8/17 2018 Camp Odakoda (at Tapawingo)

Camp Dates are 6/21-6/25 2018 Odakoda East (at Suttle Lake)

Please contact us with any questions!



Before you begin, please make sure you have the following required items:

1) Digital image of your camper that you can upload from your computer.
2) School IEP, 504, school behavior plan, or behavior letter from pediatrician, therapist or other medical professional. (PDF or Word document).  There is a teacher questionnaire in the application that you can download if you do not have a schoolplan.
4) Your camper. He/she will need to type their name in the first step of the application (after that, they won’t need to be present).

Camper Application

The application is all in one place:

You will create an account to apply, and you will be able to go back to your account and make updates as needed.  If you do not have all your documents ready, you can add them later, but we will not be able to review your application until it is complete.

We are not charging a deposit this year, and will require payment after the campers have been accepted.


General Camp Information

To assist you in planning for camp, please view the sample documents attached. Note: These documents are from 2013 and are subject to minor changes: Sample Food Menu, and Sample Schedule.

For questions, please email applications@asdoregon.org

To make a tuition payment, please go to the Donate page and use the Buy Now button.