Camp Odakoda

Camp Odakoda was created in 2010 to support children with high functioning autism spectrum disorders and asperger’s syndrome. Our mission is to facilitate the same kind of summer-camp that most children enjoy – with the added support, encouragement and expertise that we’ve specifically designed for children with these special needs.

We offer a 4 night sleep away experience for boys and girls aged 10-18 years who have Asperger’s Syndrome, or High Functioning Autism.  Our program is centered around promoting social skill development in a fun and exciting way.  We have a 2 campers to 1 adult counselor ratio.

Our Camp offers our campers:
• Safe, fun, friendly environment to learn and enhance social skills
• Opportunity to meet and make new friends with the same challenges as each other
• Opportunity to share and enjoy area’s of interest with others

Counselors and camp staff will work with our campers on:
•  Social skills
•  Friendship skills
•  Compromising skills
•  Perspective taking
•  Building confidence and self esteem
•  Providing core skills to use in school and with others once camp is over
•  Opportunities to engage in group activities and non-competitive games