Camp Quest Takes place in Falls City, OR

Camp Odakoda takes place at the Camp Tapawingo facility, which is located in Falls City, Oregon (approximately 45 minutes west of Salem, OR).

The facility includes cabins with electricity and indoor plumbing, a dining hall, swimming pool, and multi-use facility.  A creek runs through the property, and there is a pond where campers can canoe, fish, and get launched on the blob!

There is also a yurt village where campers stay in yurts with up to 6 occupants.  These do not have bathrooms inside, but it is a short walk to the bathroom facility.  There are 5 yurts and we typically have 30 campers in this program.  The yurt program is more independent then the cabin program and is typically for older campers but we do not simply go by age.  We look at many factors when placing campers in the different programs.